7 Investments That Can Improve Your Home’s Value


While the housing market is influenced by several factors outside of an individual seller’s control, there are many ways in which a homeowner can influence their property’s performance. This does not solely mean adding an extension or converting an attic, though these do help to improve property value considerably, but can actually be a broad number of considerations and smaller investments that help a property to outshine competition and encourage buyers to increase their offer.

For those about to seek a return on their initial home investment by placing a property on the market, here are seven ways in which a home’s value can be improved.

Improve Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient house has exceptional appeal on the market. This is because it resolves several concerns that buyers generally have, including sustainability, ongoing costs, and comfort. As such, if a home isn’t already equipped with high-quality insulation, as well as double or triple-glazed windows, it is worth pursuing them.

Underfloor Heating

One particularly efficient way to heat a living space is with underfloor heating. However, much of the value associated with underfloor heating options is actually associated with luxury. Many residents note that following the effective distribution of such heating options, targeted alternatives, such as radiators, no longer seem useful.

Home Offices

An increasing number of buyers are looking for properties that allow them to work from home effectively. As such, spare bedrooms are being rebranded by estate agents as potential home offices. Sellers, however, can be creative with their space, using outbuildings like log cabins to create professional spaces in their gardens without compromising extra bedroom potential inside a home.

Pantries & Kitchen Storage

Whether you’re paying attention to the most popular interior design trends or understand the post-COVID importance of food storage options in the home, pantries are likely to be on your radar. The return to such a traditional emphasis on kitchen design is valued by many and the addition of such assets is certain to be a benefit to any home on the market.

Vehicle Charging Point

The prominence of electric cars is no longer a prediction but a certainty, with electric vehicles becoming increasingly normalised. This means that property owners have to consider home charging options for their vehicles or risk falling behind. Adding not only a charging option but an effective one to a home is a surefire way to increase its appeal on the market.

Bigger Windows

For the same reason sliding and bi-fold doors are popular, large windows in a home allow more natural light into a living space and dramatically change its appearance. While adding larger windows to a home is a costly financial endeavour, it is certainly worthwhile, especially as wellbeing at homes becomes more important for residents.

Off-Grid Assets

The romanticisation of going off-grid is becoming a more serious reality with many residents looking for ways to escape restrictions, such as hose pipe bans, and rising energy costs. This has led to a huge surge of interest in rainwater collection devices, solar panels, and even batteries for energy storage, making each of them a worthy investment.