The Benefits of Keypad Door Handles


The benefits of purchasing keypad door handles are numerous. First, keypads offer a more secure entrance to your business, as you can assign codes to specific people and revoke them at any time.

They also protect against break-ins, as they do not have a handle that can be pulled on or picked up from the outside. This blog post will explore some of the other benefits of keypad door handle, such as their ability to save electricity by being automatic and having a built-in light for night entry!

Features of a good keypad:

-The ability to add more than one code

-A low battery indicator on the keypad or remote control (if applicable)

-Ability to set an automatic lock after a certain amount of time has passed, in case you forget your keys!

Benefits of purchasing good quality door handles:

-Longer lasting batteries due to reduced use

-Fewer break-ins due to advanced locking mechanisms and security features such as fingerprint readers or proximity sensors.

How much does a keypad door handle cost?

The price varies depending on the strength of your batteries, the number of codes you need, and any other unique features that are important for you! However, a good quality handle will usually start at around $100.

Keypad door handles are growing in popularity because of their many benefits! Any business can benefit from purchasing keypads, so contact your local locksmith today to get started on the right track towards more security and efficiency!