Extending Your Home To Give You Your Dream Kitchen Diner


When the downstairs of your home is not big enough, and you need more space, building a single-storey extension is a more cost-effective solution than moving. You will be adding value to your home, and it can give you the space you need to redesign the downstairs of your house and give you that perfect open-plan kitchen diner you have been dreaming of having. There are various features you may want to include in your design to make your dream kitchen diner, and you can see some options below that may interest you for your kitchen design.

A Kitchen Island

Having a large kitchen with an island is a dream for many people, and it allows you to use the space socially with guests and the rest of the family while you are busy in the kitchen. You can have your sink on the island, your cooker and hob placed there, or even use it as storage and preparation space. If you have enough room after your kitchen extension, consider installing an island in your kitchen, and it will help make it look fantastic and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Bifolding Doors Opening Up To the Garden

Another feature you may want to include in your kitchen diner design is aluminium bi-fold doors that open out onto the garden. When the weather is nice, you can fully open the bifold doors and extend the useable living space of your home by placing outdoor furniture on your patio or deck. It can maximise the amount of light that gets in your home, making it bright and airy, and it is also a perfect place for entertaining when you have guests.

A Utility Room

You can also include a utility room in your new kitchen diner design, and have space where you can put your washing machine and dryer. You can also have a sink and additional storage in there and keep all your cleaning utensils and products. It will help create space in your kitchen and ensure the only thing that is in there is food and drink related, keeping all the cleaning products in a separate area.

A Downstairs Toilet

Another option that is perfect for many homes is including an additional downstairs toilet into the design, and if you have space, you can even make it a shower room. It can help alleviate the queue for the main bathroom and means you do not have to go upstairs when you want to use the toilet.

A Place To Relax

If your extension is big enough, consider having an area with a sofa and chairs and a television on the wall. This space will give you another area to relax in your home and also save the kids from arguing over the television. It also means that the person cooking in the kitchen can catch up on their favourite boxsets while they cook or clean, and it can see the family spending more time together in the same space while doing different things.

When you are extending your home, take the time to plan your extension carefully, and you can have the kitchen you have always dreamed of having in your home.