A Buying Guide For Your New Refrigerator


Refrigerators in 2020 come in as many styles and levels of tech that you could ever need. Two, four, even five doors or more, customizable panels and individual areas of temperature control are some of the most modern features of the refrigerator. Listed below are some key things to keep in mind when shopping for a new fridge.

Consider Costs When Selecting

Before getting excited by huge French Door models, with voice controls and the ability to order your groceries for you, make sure you know how much money you have to spend. You’ll quickly find that while you can get the higher priced French Doors or side-by-side styles for less, by sacrificing a couple of features, you then run the risk of having a lower quality appliance that you may regret down the line. Instead of compromising, take your budget and buy the top model of whatever you can afford. You will find that a comparable side-by-side will come in several hundred dollars less than a French Door with the same features.

The Size Of Your Refrigerator Is Everything

Another vital factor in how to choose your next refrigerator is how it will actually fit into your kitchen. Many fridges now come in counter depth measurements to align perfectly with your countertops and give the impression of a built in fridge for much less money. You may also have a cutout in your kitchen that has been specifically designed to fit that fridge. You will have to be very careful in your measurements to make sure your new refrigerator matches up. There’s also the often forgotten issue of whether the unit will even fit through your front door!

Pick The Right Style

Whether a forward thinking stylist or not, chances are you’ll want to match your refrigerator with your appliances and cabinets, or perhaps you’d like to get in a whole new set of appliances to match your fridge. Either way you’ll need to make that decision before you bring a new refrigerator home. Try and also marry up your budget with the best fridge you can find. As mentioned earlier this does not necessarily mean buying the priciest style at the lowest spec.

Efficiency Is Important

Energy ratings and overall efficiency are a bigger selling point than ever before. You should know how efficient your refrigerator is and how much it’s likely to cost you before you pay out. Energy Star ratings are important – but bear in mind that each model is certified differently. A top end Star certified French Door might be less efficient than a cheaper, non-certified top freezer. For a real feel of the appliance’s efficiency check the yellow Energy Guide sticker which places each refrigerator’s yearly estimates on a comparison scale of similar models.

The best refrigerators keep your food fresh and cool for as long as possible without interfering too much on your energy bills. Always think performance first before deciding what fancy add-ons you want. A good fridge-freezer should last you over a decade so pick a timeless style too.