5 Trends That Are Taking The Housing Market By Storm


Keeping an eye on interior design and housing market trends is always advantageous to those who are thinking of either buying or selling a property. Both small and large features of a home, when endowed with a sudden culture of popularity, can entirely change how a property is both seen and valued on the market.

Some of these trends can be very easy to achieve too, meaning that sellers can quickly add value to their home prior to putting it on the market while trend-spotting buyers can make their offer before others realise that a property has more value than it first seems.

To keep you ahead of the curve, we’re sharing five of the current trends that are taking the housing marketing by storm.



Few may have foreseen that doors and their frames would ever be so quickly challenged by interior designers. However, in only a few years, arches have completely taken over as the highlight of room design.

These biophillic entranceways are more organic is shape and design, helping homes to embrace a natural feel that leaves the industrial and modern associations of doorway design behind.

Painted Ceilings

As minimalist rooms continue to prevail, with white and greige still persisting in popularity, small amounts of maximalism are breaking through. Statement walls, those with adorning and intricate wallpaper designs, have become more widely celebrated in recent years but, in 2023, the most exciting new design is the painted ceiling.

With the right colour, an understated space can be elevated with the presence of a bright or cool ceiling colour, one that influences a space without overpowering it in the same way a statement wall does. Such designs can also change the impression of a space, making it seem larger or cosier than it is.

Outbuilding Escapes 

Sheds are being transformed into log cabins and outdoor storage facilities are being exchanged for private offices and guest rooms. This is the decade of the outbuilding with more residents seeking to expand their living space with a blank canvas in the garden.

As outbuildings become more popular, there are an abundance of ideas being applied to their usage. Some are using them as traditional dining areas and sun rooms but others are creating workshops and yoga studios too. 

Recessed Walls 

Coves, nooks, and crannies are all appearing again. These spaces that are built into vertical surfaces offer not only extra storage space with curated design but also texture to plain room design. Walls that were once flat can become fascinating and multisurface designs, while shelves that previously protruded into living space can be nestled into a wall.


While minimalism still retains its place in popularity, interior designs are already seeing signs, like painted ceilings mention above, that maximalism will soon take over. These spaces are filled with textures and colours, being bold and confident, with signature designs and stories behind each room.

While some remain conservative about these riskier designs taking over the cool confidence of minimalism, it seems that interior design trends might soon present a surprise.